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Broadcasting & Live-Streaming Services

One cannot underestimate the importance of video quality for live streaming. However, the choice of your streaming equipment depends mostly on your goals, not blind pursuit of quality. Contact us for our starter pack if you are simply willing to try out live streaming. Feeling serious about live streaming? Invest in our intermediate streaming set when you are ready to commit to your live streaming career and become a pro. We also do multi participant ZOOM multi room conferences, as many as 2500 participants; we'll design, build, dress and light your set.

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Video & Film Production Services

Snakebyte Productions Pre-Production Services

Pre-Production Services

Development | Planning | Scripting | Screenwriting | Budgeting | Line Production | Scheduling | Strip | DOOD | Business Plans | Financing Options | Casting | Management

Production Services - Filming On Set

Principle Production Services

Direction | Equipment | Payroll | Insurance | Location Services | Design | Principle Photography | Animation | Film | Digital

Snakebyte Productions' - Post-Production Services

Post Production Services

2200sq. ft. Cyclorama Studio | Editing | Color Correction | Sound Design-Mix | Original Score | Orchestration | Approvals | Revisions | Output Formatting

Additional Film Services

Snakebyte Productions - Commercial Services

Commercial & Industrial Video Production

Snakebyte Productions Anamorphic Lenses

High Speed Full Frame Lenses & Support

Snakebyte Productions Logistics Vehicles

Logistics, Rigging & Processing Vehicles

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Commercial Creations

Stand out in your industry with a new reel from Snakebyte Productions. 93% of all marketing online is by video. Videos increase your clients' understanding by 73%, and prospects who visit your website are 64% more likely to purchase from you when introduced by means of an introductory video. We believe anything can be accomplished with a defined and clear objective. Our team is your go-to solution for the following situations:

• You are introducing new potential staff to your company.
• You need to portray your product in an honest and real-life way.
• You desire to show your customers “behind the scenes” of your business.
• You need your own actor reel scripted, produced, and edited as a real-life scene with actual IMDB™ credits to enhance your public resume.

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- Full Package - 

Our company provides full production services from developmental scripting and screenwriting to pre-production, Principle Photography and Post-Production, FX, sound design, and score. Our team of experienced professionals have the training, skill, an automated LED cyclorama and production offices you need to transform your idea into a cinematographic masterpiece.

[Equipment package (Camera, G&E, Distro, Wardrobe, HMUA, SFX, Set Design and Construction) Production Services-Insurance, Payroll, Permits, Accounts, Union Signatory, Executive Management, Unit Management, Cast, Cast Affairs, Location Management, Transportation, all or any crew, DIT, Coloring, Edit, Post Supervision, Post Audio, VFX, Animations, CGI, Score, Orchestration, Composition, Sound Supervision, ADR, Title, Deliverable's.]