Post-Production Services

Post-Production Services
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Arri ALEXA35

Featured Camera

Arri ALEXA35 Ready to Shoot Set

- ALEXA 35 Camera, 4.6K S35 CMOS Sensor
- LPL Mount (LBUS), PL to LPL Adapter
- MVF-2 HDR EVF, B-Mount Battery Plate
- MXF/ARRIRAW & MXF/Apple ProRes 4444 XQ
- 17 Stops Dynamic Range
- Up to 4.6K 4608 x 3164, Cine License
- 15mm Studio/LWS Support, BUD-1 Dovetail
- Power Distribution Module PDM-1
- 1 Power Cable, 2 EVF Cables
- Motorized ND Filters, Compact Design

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Atlas Orion Sliver Edition Anamorphic Lenses

Featured Lens

Atlas Orion Series Silver Edition

The Silver Edition lenses maintain the modern, mechanically reliable performance that sets the Orion Series apart from vintage anamorphic lenses, all while celebrating aspects of the silver screen cinema era.

Precision-adjusted air space tunings paired with bold Silver Edition coatings result in expressive, reactive, yet chromatically refined anamorphic flares unlike any lens before.

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Matthews Max Menace Arm

 Matthews Max Menace Arm Graph

Featured Equipment

Matthews Max Menace Arm

Overview: MAX will support lighting fixtures up to 175 pounds (80kg) allowing you to place almost any lighting almost anywhere on set - back lights, over set walls and in places where lifts are restricted such as roof tops, balconies, etc. MAX will support a 75lb (34kg) light fixture up to 17.5ft (533cm) on the horizontal and over 20ft (609cm) in elevation. MAX's horizontal plane can be adjusted from 7-10ft (213-305cm) and at an extension of 8ft (244cm) has a capacity of 175lbs (80kg). MAX can be counterbalanced with either shot or sand bags and by using standard weight plates MAX can be moved around easily on flat, level surfaces.


  • MAX can be positioned flush against a wall, into or around a corner.
  • MAX works below the horizontal thus eliminating the need for scaffolding.
  • MAX can be positioned parallel up to a 10' (305cm) ceiling.
  • 16' (487cm) extension without adapter. 17.5' (533cm) extension with adapter.
  • Self-leveling head with Baby Pin and Junior Receiver.
  • Fast and easy setup or tear down.
  • Easily movable at full extension on level surfaces.
  • Angles are adjustable with light fixture attached.
  • Use for lights, flags, frames, branch holders or even cameras.
  • Self Leveling head w/ baby pin and junior receiver.
  • Straight tracking, multi-direction locking, non-marking Tente casters. Best braking casters available.
  • 3:1 weight ratio
  • Weight: 215lbs (98kg)
  • Length - 51" (130 cm)
  • Width - 28.25" (72 cm)
  • Load Capacity - 1100 lb (500 kg)

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Trailers & Narrative Reels

Google Reviews

Kurtis produced 100% of our US unit filming providing every asset we needed and matching perfectly with our vision. They had an amazing crew, skilled, efficient, dynamic and very productive company.

Sam Suresh

This place is amazing! They did exactly what I needed and even called to check to see what else I wanted! I highly recommend them, they treat any original materials with care and are very professional.

Geraldine Stone

This company is very professional. We used them a while back and we loved the results... If you are looking for a professional company to take amazing videos for any project or event, choose Snakebyte Productions

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