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Short Films(<40 mins-) and Feature Films (>90 mins+)

Snakebyte Productions drafts premium script treatments that are concise and specific to driving the plot of your story to your reviewer.

Through the layout of your characters, period of your story, and by way of our 2 page synopsis draft of the story itself, we bring your screenplay to life with excitement and a desire for more from the reviewer.

The content we design for your specific story and its script treatment is the tool you will use to generate the interest of a prospective reviewer, to read your whole script or screenplay.

Our treatments include a maximum 75 character Log Line, a maximum 150 character Short Synopsis, and a full 2 page Long Synopsis.

Scripting and Screenplay:

Short Films (<40 mins-)

Snakebyte Productions can take your short film concept and turn it into a viable and marketable story by drafting your short film script for you into a professionally formatted screenplay. 

Or With our "Complete Short Film Production Package" , the script is included, free!

Snakebyte Productions will "script" in Final Draft 8, your next short form Commercial, Industrial or “Actor Scene Reel”, exacting to your product mission. 

Inquire at

Feature Films

(>90 mins+)

Snakebyte Productions can take your feature film concept and turn it into a viable and marketable story by drafting your long form, professionally formatted screenplay.

Call for a FREE 20 Minute Script Consultation. From there we can advise direction for your story by way of the following:

Submit a brief feature film concept through our Project Pre-Production Estimate Form and we will conduct some “genre research” along with a “quick market survey”, providing you with a brief outline strategy and feedback for revision or possible paths to take with your story, to get the most out from your concept in the current marketplace.

We recommend you also conduct a Script Coverage Analysis from Snakebyte Productions to help with the “pre-write” development of your story. This step maximizes your marketplace for your specific story, by targeting focus in the design and the structure of your story, by way of specific or the multi specific marketplaces.

Commercial and Industrial Scripting

We provide full scripting services for your commercial and industrial purposes, driven to your market, with profound and impactful presentation.

For Commercial and Industrial Scripting Inquire direct to screenplayservices

Our Non-Disclosure Agreement:

We provide all our clients the highest level of privacy and transparency in all we do for you. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to request our MNC-NDA (Mutual Non-Circumventive, Non Disclosure agreement)

Rest assured, at Snakebyte Productions we value, and it is our stringent policy, to always protect and value all proprietary, professional, or personal information to the highest standard of protection, of our prospective, current, or past clients.

Script Coverage Report

Feature Films (>90 mins+)

A complete Industry Formatted Script Analysis and coverage sheet for your films script or screenplay.

Included in your report:
A detailed Script Coverage Report with cover for submission with your script to literary or theatrical agents, talent, studios or producers and directors.

5 pages of detailed breakdown of your script, complete with industry recognized - "by category review and analysis" formatting.

The detailed analysis on feature-length film screenplays, typically 90 to 120 pages, delivers 5+ pages of notes and feedback to help clients move onto the next draft revision or forward to viability with their screenplay.

Your report includes:
Cover Report Info, Concept review, Plot and Storyline reviews, Character Review and Report, Dialog Review, Structure Report, Cinematography Review, and Synopsis and Summary Reports.

The Coverage report can run simultaneously with our other developmental services.

All services are suited for projects either in the early stages of development or at the wrap of the development process.

***Most film executives will not read a script, especially from a stranger. Their staff seeks to provide a “script cover report” with your package.***

We provide you that coverage, with our team and its credentials:

Our executive producer, Peter Sherayko, is a five time published author, filmmaker, actor and stunt coordinator with over 500 film credits and 40 years film making to his name. He was the man in the making of Tombstone, the movie, and countless other blockbuster films. See our list of film credits on our Snakebyte Productions "About" page.

These names associated with your script coverage report, are priceless!

$65 on up to $225, depending on script length.

Character Breakdowns

Short Films(<40 mins-) and Feature Films (>90 mins+)

Snakebyte Productions can provide your Character Breakdowns, fully specific and detailed to your story.

You will receive a clear specification on each individual character in your story, including race, age, height, size, physical features, personality traits, and a brief back-story and/or their relationship to the other characters.

Our breakdowns include all Principal cast, Supporting cast, Featured and Day player roles, General and Special Background Characters.

We also include breakdowns for the unscripted background for your story. These characters may not be written into the script, but they will be seen in the background of the film.


At Snakebyte Productions we utilize the latest in scripting technology to breakdown your script into dollars and sense numbers.

Our “Line Budget Breakdown Package” includes a complete and thorough budget breakdown for any type of project, from episodic reality shows, to network TV projects, new media, documentary, industrial, commercial, feature and short film projects.

Providing over 80 template choices incorporating each coding format, ranging from Disney Feature to Dreamworks Animated, Fox TV, ABC, HBO, NBC and over 70 other template options both foreign and domestic, our customized breakdown packages are suited and designed to include any and all types of industry standard formatting and cost coding, each of which is selected, defined and suited to your specific production's professional image and branding.

This is a must have when either pitching your project, or in the management of your production by your Production Coordinators, Managers and Line Producers.

A top sheet is one thing, but to have as well all the backup detail, and the backup to the backup attached with your top sheet, reveals in full transparency the detailed breakdowns of your sub-categories to your team or your investors when pitching your film projects...... This is what we provide in our complete "Line Budget Breakdown Package".

Included is an extremely detailed breakdown, encompassing all fringes and globals, union, guild and agency fees, laying out the broken down cost detail of your production in customizable and unlimited line and sub-line categories. Basically every expense under the sun from A to Z that is required dollar wise, from development to post production, to make your film. 

The Difference??

Our budgets include the "unscripted" item elements of creativity for the maximum impact in your production. This is the problem with many of our competitors breakdowns. They zip thru the script, not visualizing or extracting anything more than what is in the script. this causes huge problems later on set, and the key reason budgets are unrealistic for a director's needs, and why most films run over budget, or are cut so bad they are just terrible films.

At Snakebyte Productions, we are profound and impactful filmmakers, and we are sure to cover the unscripted items that are necessary to get the most out of your production. You decide where to scratch and cut.... keeping the cart behind the horse. Instead of providing you with the minimums, we cover the maximums.... that blockbuster film.

You then have the option to prioritize the elements of your project, customizing your breakdown to meet your budget requirements, while achieving the most visual and audio impact for your projects audience. This type of research is priceless in quality filmmaking!

In other words, with your involvement, we provide you with up to three versions of your budget, modifying each version with the goal of targeting your bottom line for all your ATL-BTL costs, maximizing the prioritized available elements while providing the most profoundly impactful production budget.

Days Out Of Days and Scheduling

Snakebyte Productions can take your short film concept and turn it into a viable and marketable story by drafting your short film script for you into a professionally formatted screenplay. 

Or With our "Complete Short Film Production Package" , the script is included, free!

Snakebyte Productions will "script" your next short form Commercial, Industrial or “Actor Scene Reel”, complete with film title and credits on the International Movie Data Base (IMDB). Once your script is drafted and approved by you, we create your films own movie page on IMDB. Using our “Poster Art Services” we can paste your movie poster there as well! 

We advise that your "Line Budget Breakdown Package" should also include the complete "Schedule Breakdown" for your project. How can you build an accurate budget without an accurate "Schedule Breakdown" and the "Day Out Of Days Reports". Our reports are a complete and thorough breakdown of your project, including everything from A to Z, scripted and unscripted, backing up your budget with a line schedule and visual concept of your story. 

 Snakebyte Productions Days Out Of Days Report includes multiple detailed spreadsheets and breakdown reports of all cast including principal, supporting, featured, and day player, stand-in, specials and general background, stunts, specials, prop and material lists, locations, times of days, sequencing, set and production designs, transportation, wardrobe, livestock, armory, special handlers, operators, etc, etc, etc. The breakdown list is a mile long, and for every element in your budget it is crucial that your production has an accurate and complete count and schedule of all things. This is a total days report reflecting start, working, hold, and finish dates for each and every element of your production. This report is crucial for the development and planning stages of all logistical coverage’s on location, and the principle photography phase.....and is directly linked and impactful to your budget.

 Snakebyte Productions Scheduling Report includes detailed “strip sheets” for the total “principal photography” phase of your production. Included in the “strip sheets” are the forecasted filming schedule, a day by day strip shot sequence that corresponds with the scene sequence numbering, which checks out with the script production page counts for your slate clapper board and filming schedule. This report provides for location continuity and productivity and is the direct derivative of your budget and "Line Budget Breakdown Package".

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