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What Can A Video Testimonial Do For My Business?


If you take a look at a few years back, the businesses owners were mostly involved in physical models including door-to-door promotional campaigns and other similar activities. Right after the first wave of COVID-19, almost every physical activity got restricted and display centers of thousands of businesses were immediately closed. This was apparently a huge loss for the brands.

To deal with such circumstances, entrepreneurs started adopting online business models and they hired new staff to manage their online activities. It is exactly in accordance with a famous saying, “If your business is not on the internet, your business will be out of business”.

While exploring different digital platforms including but not limited to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you may have seen businesses sharing a video testimonial. It is a useful tool to spread the brand’s awareness. According to research analysis, more than 80% of businesses use a website marketing video as a branding tool.