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How Does A Video Testimonial Boost Your Business?


The top 5 ways a video testimonial can enhance your brand are listed below.

1. Activates Emotions
When it comes to making informed decisions, emotions play a key role to build a solid connection with potential clients or buyers. This is where a video testimonial plays its part. Once you successfully make an emotional bond with your viewers, you will get more opportunities to grow your business. If you have shared some valuable experiences in the video, they will automatically trigger the emotions of all the viewers.

2. Build Trust
Nowadays, clients trust more real people and their experiences rather than considering some eye-catchy statistics of big organizations. This is why mouth publicity is helping thousands of businesses to gain clients’ trust. When a happy customer shares his or her experiences in a video format, it helps other buyers trust your brand to a great extent. A recent study shows that around 72% of people choose a specific brand based on a testimonial video or buyers’ reviews.

3. Gets More Shares
It is a fact that the sharing percentage of videos is much higher than any other information including but not limited to text and images. Some statistics have shown that more than 90% of viewers share a video with their friends and family once they watch it. According to an estimate, videos are shared 12 times more than routine textual information. This is why many brands have started benefiting from a website marketing video.

4. Generates More Sales
With a video testimonial, you can engage your audience by telling them how your product or service will add value to their lives. This is exactly what can attract more people and hence more sales will be generated for your business.

5. Increases Rate Of Retention
A testimonial video or a website marketing video helps you engage more customers and make them feel satisfied even before they buy your products or hire your services. In addition, it converts your buyers into repeat buyers that is an excellent sign for your business growth.

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