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About The Company

At Snakebyte Productions in Los Angeles, California, we take your film production seriously. When you choose us, you work with more than 100 passionate people and five affiliate companies, with hundreds of film making credits between them.

"We believe that stories cannot be told with words alone. Our Motion pictures take those words and bring them to an imagery that stands for a lifetime."

Respecting The Craft

Based in Southern California, we feel that this work is what we are called to do. We are always on time, proactively efficient on set, never missing a scheduled shot. We are respectful and courteous to all of our actors and working partners, creating an enjoyable atmosphere on any set, under any type of deadlines or circumstances. We have the logistical skill contingencies and assets to film in the desert heat, snow and wind, or in the studio.

Production Team Members Off Set

Our Production Team

Kurtis Anton - Executive Producer/Writer

David Gutel - Director

Ryan Wotherspoon- Asst. Producer

Edna Longoria - Composer

Peter Sherayko - Executive Producer
Authenticating Producer - Prop - Armory - Stunt

Ardeshir Radpour - Producer, Assistant Stunt Coordinator

Tad Griffith - Stunt Coordinator

Scott Perez - Boss Wrangler, Livestock Coordinator

Donald Nguyen - Producer

Team Members Dressed Up For Set

Team Members

Christian Ramirez - Production Designer

Our Teams Credits Additionally Include:

"Hail Caesar"
"Dracula Untold"
"Quick Draw"
"Codes and Conspiracies"
"Big History"
"Drunk History"
"1,0000 Ways to Die in the West"
Complete Season of "Deadliest Warrior"
National Geographic's(TM) "Hitler and the Occult"
"Hurricane 360"
"Wyatt Earp’s Revenge"
"History of the World in 2 Hours"
"Yellow Rock"

More Team Members On Set

More Team Members

Christian Cordella - Costumist, Wardrobe

Our Teams Credits Include:

"American Sniper
"The Hunger Games"
"Captain America"
"Iron Man 2"
"Jurassic World"
"Jungle Book"
"Fantastic Four"
"Furious 7"
"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes"

Kurtis and Holly

Our Owner

Our CEO, Kurtis Anton, is an actor, writer, producer and musician with multiple film credits to his name. Recent highlights of his career include the upcoming features The Second Coming of Christ, Traded, Father, Ginas Journey, Boonville Redemption, and multiple upcoming feature films.

Kurtis Anton's latest feature production currently in development, Janie Fine, is a period film impacting two continents between 1929 and 1952. In development as well, he is tackling the Western Period genre with What Child Is This.

A Message From Kurtis Anton

“We create impactful film, exactly scripted and produced for a most profound visual and audio experience. With this motto, we passionately deliver a visual saga in any scale, you are proud to see.

We desire to create a visual branding of your specific product or industry. These are our primary and most passionate objectives.”