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For the highest production value, book your slot now to get your movie into Santa's sleigh on time!

Family Movie Card

This Christmas .... Are you tired of the same ole shopping and gift giving!!! .....BORING!!!!.... Those gifts that just wear out and become obsolete!!!.... the same ole underwear and socks kinda gifts??......

Give A New Kinda Holiday Gift This Year.....!!!


1.We script it, (custom to your desired message)
2.We coach your family or friends to act in it....
3.We co-star, 1 professional SAG/AFTRA actor from films or shows like Tombstone, Lethal Weapon, Westworld, CSI, or Criminal Minds...whichever is available for your booking.**
4.We dress you up really cool for it!!!
5.We direct it and have our amazing crew work it!!!
6.We film it in HD 4k resolution, just like a top notch production!!
7.WE FEED YOU SNACKS....haha...
8.We edit it,
9.We color correct it! 
10.We sound design it!, 
11.We original score it!
12.We make it the real deal, cinemagraphic "gift" for you, your family or friends to exchange at Christmas!!!
13.We burn 10 BLU-Ray DVD's for you, placed in a kewl card with envelope, ready to send off as the "gift that lasts a lifetime!!!"
14.We provide shareable links for your social networking.

Limited schedule remains... 14 spots left for 14 families!! 

For the highest production value book it now so we can get your movie in Santa's sleigh on time!

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A Real Deal Movie!!

You and Your family all Star in!!!!
Book it now!!!!

Packages start with 1+ minute of final cut edit runtime of actual storyline acting for just $899 for the first two family members, $499 for each additional family member. Only 150 bucks for each additional BG family member.
Extending that time allowance, Opening Title Card and Rolling End Credits additionally included for free.....

Watch on that New TV yer thinking about for Christmas.....!!!!!!!!!

Comes with IMDB page, publishing your production around the world!!!!!!!

Add-ons available, like a full blown 2X3 movie poster of your movie with the Production and Actors names on it.  You can frame yer families faces in your office or house on a real cool Movie Poster designed by a blockbuster movie poster guy!!!.... Then when yer friends ask, "what's that poster about?".... you pop in yer DVD...


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Ground Zero Actor Program

Snakebyte Productions "Ground Zero Actor" program is designed to help both new and veteran actors

re-skill themselves in what it means to be a working actor.

Call 855-228-6478 or Email info@snakebyteproductions.com to receive your Ground Zero Consult.

An intensive development program in all suitable price ranges meeting your needs. 

Phase 1: Ground Zero

Phase 2: Fuel Up

Phase 3: Ricky Rocket

Phase 4: Blast Off!!!

Upon Conclusion of Phase 4: An "elevator pitch interview" for your "first management face to face"

No promises theyll pick you up, but we are confident we can get you to your very best, to allow you your best shot and at worst, prepare you for your next!!