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At Snakebyte Productions it is very, very simple.      

Provide our visiting productions a COMPLETELY "OFF THE GRID", FULL SERVICE PRODUCTION PACKAGE, packed in a fleet of OFF ROAD CAPABLE vehicles, for as cheap as possible.

Offering a highly capable, seamless alternative to the low budget production services model, Snakebyte's foldout fleet is one that can truly operate affordably and compact. Our fleet provide an array of package options, that if needed may be powered completely from renewable energy stored on board the vehicle. The Snakebyte fleet can facilitate your client playback, DIT, provide a bombproof camera support bay from which to work, crew logistical support and Comm, to any other need.....Or the fleet can simply haul gear to you, as needed.


FULL CAMERA SUPPORT, HD DOCKING - DIT/PLAYBACK 2 CLIENT MONITOR DESK - FULL RADIO (12 DOCk) CELL (10 DOCk) ANTON-BAUER (6 DOCk) CHARGING CAPABILITY, LED, HMI, Skypanel, Full range of Tungsten, Kino-Flo, Arri, Mole Richardson, all grip and expendable needs, Electrical and Distro in Bates 60 and 125, Power Generation, Rigging, Super Mounts, Gimbals, Cranes, Dollies and Jibs.

Our Multi-Award Winning Crews are Respectful, Professional, Thorough, Proactive, Very Smart, Working together now for 4 years at Snakebyte

Our 1 to 2 ton kits arrive in Cobra, our 2 ton 2017 Ford F350 HD Transit "Raptor" powerhouse. Cobra is our "all in one" hauling all the gear necessary for filming "high production value" quality productions on the run and gun remotely. Cobra is 100% capable of providing those services completely "off the grid" with its onboard stored renewable power via 16, 120v outlets.  

Most low budget film productions have very limited low cost solutions to acquire the gear they need for their productions - Snakebyte is the one stop shop, arriving at your location, inexpensively.

In order to save a buck, most low and ultra low budget film productions must visit the "film hub" capital, usually days before their shoot, often by the production executives themselves, on their own time and expense. Either renting a van, possibly a driver as well, or bring their own multiple vehicles, they must then traverse multiple specialized rental houses, gathering the film production gear they need for a single shoot. It is far from convenient and a drain on their creative minds.

Often times, when arriving at an off road location, producers may find themselves underprepared for the challenges of the terrain nor sport the stable mobile platform in which to maneuver such terrain with all the gear they've amassed. Snakebytes vehicle support model mitigates those issues. We also incorporate our 4x4 F150 xlt Lariat, codename Viper, into the fleet.

Viper utilizes a bombproof Matthews Super Mount and Speedrails for attaching your Blackarm and Gimbal rolling offroad shots. Viper provides that solid platform for your chase shots offroad, especially when supported by our F350HD Transit, codenamed Cobra, that can provide any camera, grip, light, dolly and electrical support required in a run and gun model.

Our 3 ton and larger packages arrive in Anaconda, our Mitsubishi Fuso, 26k rolling warehouse complete with Production Design tools and support, air compression and fasteners, power generation, and all expendables necessary for most any production. Anaconda can be set up as an HMU, crew or SFX station. She also sports all our directors chairs, crew chairs, tables, AC, and other accomodations for a remote working crew..... We trully are "all in one" with our compact, remote, fleet.

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Snakebyte Productions is a state and federal, fully compliant production company, and SAG signatory producer 00990485.
D-U-N-S: 08-037-9029

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Creating Film Productions With Qualified Executive Producers

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Take your film or commercial project to the next level with production services from Snakebyte Productions, llc.

From developmental scripting and screenwriting to pre-production, FX, sound design, and score, our team of experienced professionals have the training, skill, and creativity you need to transform your idea into a cinemagraphic masterpiece. We serve both Non-Union or Union Productions

Our team will absolutely and passionately do the best to help you with your next film project.

Contact us for our Executive Production Services.

Film Services

Marker IconVisit our 2500 acre film ranch

Visit our Deep inventory of Wardrobe, Property, Armory, Set Dressing, Equipment, Livestock, and more. Conveniently, a stone's throw from our filmming Ranch. Multiple locations to choose from..... You want something different?

We are Location Managers and Scouts

Production Designers, Art Directors, Production Coordinators, Carpenters and Painters. We are Composers and Script Supervisors, Editors and Cinematographers.  We use The latest in software design and programming for your next production. 


 We make da'BOMB Actor Demo Reels

Maintain your career and your portfolio with a new or updated actor reel produced by Snakebyte Productions. We script, produce, and direct the demo for you which comes with  co-actor featuring OTS and Slider shots, in multiple shot ranges. Includes coaching, wardrobe, props, and a film ranch with movie horses and guns if ya need em!! So You can put YOUR BEST foot forward.

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Snakebyte receives 5 selections, 2 nominations and 2 wins August 26, 2017 in Las Vegas. CEO, Kurtis Anton's feature film screenplay, titled What Child Is This, is awarded "First Runner Up - Most Ambitious Screenplay" and scene 49 from that film titled Reconveyance wins "Best Western" at the 13th annual Action On Film Fest hosted by the Palms Resort and Brenden Theaters.

Official Selection FWIFS Action on Film Festival 2017

Award Award Award
 Producer Spotlight Award
13th Annual Palms Las Vegas 
Action on Film  (2017)
2 Selections - 2 Nominations
Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase
LA Best of Business
Video/Film Production

Award Award Award
Vancouver Web Fest (VWF) Best Family Nominee (2016)   LA Best of Business - Video/Film Production (2016)
Officially Selected/Nominated DOIFF (2015)

 Award  Award  Award
Official Selection of the Oceanside International Film Festival (2014, 2015)  Runner-up People's Choice Award OIFF (2014) Top 200 Selection from Project Greenlight (2014)

 Snakebyte Productions travels any where across the country we offer only the best services when it comes to electric , grip, and distro in our three vehicle fleet.


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Learn about Snakebyte Productions, llc.

Snuggled against the beautiful and blue Pacific Ocean in Southern California, Snakebyte Productions completes all types of video production, from commercials to feature film production. We are a resource group of multi blockbuster credited individuals in the filmmaking industry that works from coast to coast.

Our film makers are happy to offer reel services for commercial and industrial needs, as well as independent and blockbuster film projects. We also have actor services which provide actor reels, fully scripted and produced then posted on IMDb™ to ensure that prospective viewers can find your title and REEL production, enhancing your CV.

Inquire about our screenwriter services. Our screenplays are registered with the Writers Guild of America West and the US Copyright Office. Other services include consultation, branding, investment opportunities, and marketing your product to the world.

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